What are the car-theft methods and how to prevent them?

Car theft has become a sophisticated crime, challenging vehicle owners worldwide,  including those in Israel. The experience of finding your car missing can be distressing, leading to a complicated process of recovery, especially for those without comprehensive insurance. To combat this modern plague, installing car safety systems is a proactive step to prevent theft and mitigate its consequences.

Methods of Car Theft

Car theft techniques have significantly evolved, with thieves now employing morer sophisticated methods to bypass modern security features. Despite the presence of advanced locking systems, they manage to quickly steal vehicles. Here’s a closer look at their methods: at times, they replicate or steal keys, other times they replicate the vehicle’s electronic code; in some cases, rather than breaking in, thieves tow away vehicles; they hack into a car’s electronic system or OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port, allowing them to start the car and drive away. Remarkably, over 50% of car thefts are now executed using these advanced electronic methods and by taking control over the data traffic produced by the vehicle’s computer system.

How does Akeyless address and mitigate the methods used in Car Theft?

Akeyless advanced car protection system offers a robust solution to the sophisticated car theft techniques prevalent in Israel. Akeyless developed vehicle protection and tracking technologies that empower car owners to counteract prevalent theft methods. The multi-disciplinary system provides comprehensive surveillance capabilities, including real-time video streaming, and retains footage for up to three months for review.

Akeyless technology integrates seamlessly with, or can even replace, a vehicle’s existing systems, ensuring unparalleled security. A standout feature is the remote control function, allowing car owners to immobilize their vehicles from any location, thereby preventing unauthorized use.

Today’s thieves cannot bypass Akeyless system, significantly lowering the likelihood of theft. The system promptly alerts owners to various security concerns, such as unauthorized movement, towing, restricted area access, erratic driving behaviors, and power supply interruptions.

מעקב אחרי רכב

A fair price for high caliber safety

Ensuring your vehicle’s safety doesn’t have to break the bank. With our vehicle tracking device, you can protect your vehicle effectively and affordably. Enjoy the tranquility of knowing your car is safeguarded, allowing you to sleep soundly at night.
The investment in your vehicle’s security is a small price to pay for the immense peace of mind it brings.