The perfect management and protection system for your fleet of vehicles!

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An advanced tracking and management system tailored to a large number of vehicles, providing all relevant real-time information for effective fleet management such as taxis, trucks, buses and more.

The fleet management system, an original development of Akeyless, will allow you to control and receive real-time information about each driver and vehicle individually, and about the entire fleet at once.


Whether you run a fleet of buses, transport vehicles, minibuses, taxis or shuttles, caravans or a large number of any other vehicles – you will have a full control of your fleet status, and will be able to analyze the information up to a year and a half back.

Akeyless ACTIVE system

A GPS tracking and detection system that includes a smart coder non-code drive alert, and drivers’ management. The system is suitable for all types

of transportation and places emphasis on fleet management comfort with an advanced management interface.

From the owner standpoint, Akeyless systems provide:

Round-the-clock enforcement support, including patrols and police cooperation.

Approval by all insurance providers.

Fleet management interface for real-time control and generation of historical reports.

Access to travel history displayed on a map within the app and management interface.

Internal backup battery to safeguard against battery disconnections.

Smart driver features for safer driving experiences

Option addition of DATA-E component for direct transmission of vehicle malfunctions codes to the management interface.

User-friendly mobile app for receiving alerts, tracking and locating your vehicle on a map anytime, anywhere

System Alerts:

Signal loss of signal/frequency blocking

Incorrect code encoding alert

Motion warning

Incorrect code encoding alert

התראה בהקשת קוד שגוי

Motion warning

Entry/exit alerts from predefined areas


Entry/exit alerts from predefined areas

Battery Cut-Out Warning


Entry/exit alerts from predefined areas

Non-code drive alert

Battery Cut-Out Warning

Application and management interface

Our system, developed by Akeyless, offers an intuitive application and management interface for 24/7 tracking, management, and monitoring directly from your mobile device. The interface is designed to be user-friendly, providing easy access to all system components while maximizing protection and managing permissions effectively.

A fleet management system – more than you imagined

A fleet management system allows you to effectively manage a large number of vehicles simultaneously, ideal for taxi stations, moving companies, car rentals and various businesses requiring fleet control

Benefits of Fleet Management System

A fleet management system enables efficient management of a large number of vehicles primarily used for work purposes, especially in cases where multiple vehicles are utilized simultaneously. This efficiency leads to better utilization of resources and improved productivity. The system provides real-time monitoring and tracking of vehicles, allowing fleet managers to have a snapshot of their location and condition. This information helps in making informed decisions, optimizing routes, and ensuring timely maintenance to prevent breakdowns.
Fleet management systems help in preventing vehicle theft and damage by providing alerts for unauthorized use, go-fencing notifications, and anti-tampering features. This enhances the overall security of the fleet and reduces the risk of losses. Akeyless, which specializes in fleet management systems, provides customers with a diverse range of options tailored to various types of fleet management and different vehicle types. Our systems are designed to offer advanced features such as GPS tracking, cameras, codes, distress buttons and more. Regardless of the chosen option, all our systems include comprehensive fleet management functionalities. The wide variety of options ensures that you can select and customize a system that accurately meets your management needs. Whether you require robust GPS tracking for real-time location monitoring, enhanced security features like cameras and distress buttons, or access control through unique codes, Akeyless has a solution for you. We understand that every fleet is unique, and our goal is to provide you with the most suitable and effective system for your fleet management requirements. By choosing Akeyless, you gain access to a range of innovative technologies and features that empower you to manage your fleet efficiently, enhance security measures, and optimize operational processes. Our customizable solutions allow you to assemble the perfect combination of features and functionalities to streamline your fleet management operations and achieve your business goals effectively.

The App Advantage

One of the standout advantages of Akeyless systems is the dedicated app that comes with our fleet management systems. This app is tailored specifically for fleet management needs and seamlessly integrates with our systems, offering a host of benefits for fleet administrators and managers:
The app is great and always good to have a wide variety. But the systems of the Aquilas company have other benefits and no less important. The system will allow the administrator to:
• Remote Management: The app allows you to manage all your vehicles directly from your smartphone, providing flexibility and convenience beyond the confines of your office. This is especially useful for monitoring vehicles during nighttime operations or when you’re on the move.
• User-Friendly Interface
• Real-time Location tracking of every vehicle in your fleet on a map, 24/7.
• Fleet Management Software generates organized reports • Two-way Communication with drivers in real-time using the app
• Emergency Alerts regarding unauthorized behavior, or critical issues, enabling swift action and response.
• Security Features: vibration alerts for potential vehicle damage, for unauthorized location changes, entry/exit alerts for specified geographic areas, and notifications for power-off situations or unauthorized access attempts.
• Backup Battery Support Overall, our dedicated fleet management app enhances your operational efficiency, improves communication with drivers, boosts security measures, and offers valuable insights and control over your fleet management processes.