Founded in 2016, Akeyless has emerged as a frontrunner in the automotive security industry. Our unique, sometimes exclusive, advanced solutions provide state-of-the-art vehicle tracking and protection vehicles for both personal and commercial clients. Our innovations are powered by encrypted data transmission and cutting-edge hardware and software, supplemented by AI-driven enhancements for security cameras to deliver immediate alerts for any security breach incidents.

איומים ופתרונות

בנוסף לכמות גנבות הרכבים הגדלה, בשנים האחרונות שיטות הגניבה הולכות ומשתכללות, וכוללות שימוש באמצעים אלקטרוניים כמו החלפת מחשב הרכב או השתלטות על תעבורת הנתונים ממחשב הרכב, וזאת בנוסף לשיטות ה”מסורתיות” כמו שכפול מפתחות, שוד נהגים, גרירת הרכב, גניבת מפתחות מקוריים ועוד.

Trust Akeyless to protect your vehicles with our cutting-edge technology.  Our satisfied customer base and advanced solutions make vehicle security worry-free. With our proven track record and innovative technologies, your vehicles are in the safest hands. Experience the peace of mind that comes with Akeyless protection.

We have developed multi-system solutions and wireless communication systems, that are controlled by a smart mobile app which is fully controlled by the owner/vehicle, for effective coping with a multitude of threats.

We also developed business management solutions for car fleet owners (such as taxis, buses, minibuses and trucks), including a multidisciplinary system that allows monitoring and following of all drivers, including a camera that broadcasts live, the possibility of viewing the driver’s history for three months, warning of stopping or shutting down of the engine, detection and protection, and more.

Each product is specifically designed to cater to the varied needs of different vehicles. Additionally, our support and resources section provides easy access to forms, FAQs, blogs, and more, all aimed at enriching your Akeyless experience.