Tracking systems for concerned parents of new drivers.

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Our innovative locator and protection system, developed with originality, is designed to monitor and ensure the safety of young or new drivers while also providing a solution for elderly drivers. We understand the significant risks young and elderly drivers face on the road, and our system aims to address these challenges effectively. Every year, over 4,000 young drivers are involved in accidents, with human error being the primary cause. Factors such as excessive speed, failure to maintain proper distance, lane violations, lack of foresight, and risky maneuvers contribute to fatal accidents among young drivers. Additionally, older drivers may experience issues related to reaction time, indecision, and overall road safety awareness, leading to potential safety hazards.
Addressing Road Safety: Our system targets the three main causes of road accidents: human factors, infrastructure challenges, and mechanical issues. We recognize that the human factor is particularly significant for young and inexperienced drivers, amplifying the need for effective monitoring and intervention.

To combat these dangers and minimize accidents, we have developed a sophisticated tracking and monitoring system controlled by a smart app. This system provides real-time insights into driver behavior, vehicle location, and potential risks on the road. By leveraging advanced technology, we aim to reduce accidents and provide peace of mind to parents and family members.

In the video, we showcase the unique features and benefits of our system developed specifically for parents of young drivers. Our system not only focuses on providing comprehensive protection against burglaries and car theft but also emphasizes promoting safe driving practices and enhancing road safety. For vehicle owners, our system offers comprehensive protection against theft and unauthorized access in various scenarios, ensuring peace of mind and security at all times.

As a vehicle owner, you can expect the following benefits from our system:

Comprehensive protection against burglaries and car theft across different scenarios.

Round-the-clock enforcement support, including patrols and police cooperation.

Fleet management interface for real-time control and generation of historical reports.

Access to travel history displayed on a map within the app and management interface.

Internal backup battery to safeguard against battery disconnections.

User-friendly mobile app for receiving alerts, tracking and locating your vehicle on a map anytime, anywhere


Signal loss /frequency blocking

Battery cut-out warning


Geo-fencing alerts

Motion warning

Non-code drive alert

Motion warning


Geo-fencing alerts

Battery cut-out warning

Vehicle Tracking Systems for Concerned Parents of new drivers

Are you a parent worried about your children getting their driver’s license and taking the wheel? The safety of new drivers is a significant concern for parents, but there’s a solution that can ease your worries and let you sleep peacefully at night while your children are on the road.

Understanding the Concerns

The statistics on road accidents, especially among young drivers, can be alarming. As a parent, you may be concerned about your children’s safety, their ability to navigate the roads, getting lost, or using the vehicle irresponsibly. These worries can keep you up at night, but there’s a perfect solution available to address these concerns effectively.

Introducing Vehicle Tracking Systems

The ideal solution for worried parents is to install a car tracking system. A vehicle tracking system utilizes GPS technology, allowing you to track and locate the vehicle at any given time. With this system, you can monitor your children’s driving without constantly bothering them or interrupting their journey.

How It Works:
The tracking system is paired with a user-friendly app that enables you to track the vehicle’s location effortlessly. You can easily find out where the car is and monitor your children’s whereabouts in real time. The app is designed to be easy to use, so you won’t have to deal with complicated interfaces or operations.

Enhanced Safety Features:
In addition to providing peace of mind, the tracking system offers enhanced safety features. It can alert you if the vehicle is stolen or if your child is driving recklessly, ensuring that you are informed and can take appropriate action promptly. These safety alerts can potentially save lives and prevent accidents.

Vehicle tracking systems: Peace of Mind for Parents

For concerned parents, installing a car tracking system is the ideal solution. These systems utilize a vehicle’s GPS, allowing you to track its location at any time without disturbing your children during their journey. The system interfaces with an app, making it easy to locate the vehicle and monitor your children’s driving behavior, ensuring their safety on the road.

Where to Find Tracking Systems

While many companies offer vehicle detection systems, not all cater specifically to parents seeking to monitor their children’s vehicles. It’s crucial to find a system tailored to parental needs rather than a generic tracking system. One such leading company in this market is Akeyless, offering dedicated solutions for parents alongside a wide range of vehicle detection and protection solutions.

Benefits of Car Tracking Systems from Akeyless

Choosing a car tracking system from Aquilas comes with numerous advantages, turning their products into market-leading solutions that provide unparalleled peace of mind:

  • Real-Time Vehicle Location: Track your vehicle’s location throughout the day.
  • Location Notifications: Receive alerts about your vehicle’s whereabouts.
  • Emergency Alerts: Get immediate emergency alerts directly to your cell phone.
  • Vibration Alerts: Receive alerts in case of potential damage to the vehicle.
  • Geo-fencing Alerts: Get notified if the vehicle enters or exits a designated geographic area.
  • Backup Battery: The system includes a backup battery to ensure continuous functionality.
  • Power Cut-Off Notification: Receive alerts if there’s a power cut-off or tampering with the system.
  • Behavior Alerts: Get alerted to any inappropriate or suspicious driving behavior.
  • Remote Disabling: Have the option to disable remote notifications as needed.

These features not only provide peace of mind but can also prevent potential dangers and save lives. Akeyless’ car tracking systems offer comprehensive monitoring and security functionalities tailored to the needs of concerned parents, ensuring the safety of their children on the road.