Specialized tracking system for electric scooters and vehicles.

Best prices and installation at customer’s site.

Introducing EZfinder

EZFinder is a specialized detection system meticulously crafted for electric bicycles and various types of scooters. Unique Power Adaptability: EZfinder is the only system of its kind capable of adapting to the distinct power consumption levels of electric vehicles,
 supporting voltages of up to 90V.

The perfect protection for electric tools, scooters and golf-carts

The rising popularity and value of compact electric vehicles and their compatibility, accessibility, agility, weight and mobility, also makes them prime targets for with thieves. With EZfinder, you can rest assured that your electric vehicle, scooter or golf-cart are protected by advanced technology and innovative security features.

As the owner of an electric vehicle, our systems empower you with a range of functionalities:

Comprehensive Protection: Enjoy robust protection against burglaries and theft across various scenarios.

Remote Disconnection using the intuitive mobile app.

24/7 call center including patrols and police on site.

Fleet management interface for control and generation of historical reports.

Travel history tracking on a map in the app and the management interface.

A user-friendly app for receiving alerts, locating, and tracking on a map at any given time.


Signal loss /frequency blocking

Battery cut-out warning

Motion warning


Geo-fencing alerts

Signal loss /frequency blocking

Motion warning


Geo-fencing alerts

Battery cut-out warning

Ensuring Optimal Protection for Electric Vehicles

If you own an electric scooter, bike, or any other electric vehicle, it’s imperative to safeguard it against theft.
 Here’s everything you need to know to ensure the best possible protection for your valuable tools.

Why Protect Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles represent a significant investment, and their theft can result in substantial financial losses.
These vehicles are particularly vulnerable to theft due to their ease of use and transportability.
Implementing protective measures is crucial to prevent theft and promptly detect any tampering or sabotage attempts.

The Best Solution: Protection and Detection Systems

Protection and detection systems designed for electric vehicles offer the most effective solution to safeguard your scooter or bike. These systems provide real-time location tracking and instant theft alerts, allowing you to take immediate action to prevent theft or recover your vehicle if it’s stolen. These advanced systems have a proven track record of preventing theft and aiding in the recovery of stolen vehicles multiple times. Moreover, these systems are user-friendly and require minimal operational investment. They can be discreetly installed on your vehicle, making them invisible to potential thieves. This stealthy approach ensures that thieves are unaware of the tracking system, further deterring theft attempts.

Benefits of Protection and Detection Systems

By opting for a protection and detection system for your electric vehicle, such as a scooter, you gain numerous benefits:
1. Peace of Mind: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is constantly monitored and protected.
2. Real-Time Tracking: Track your vehicle’s location at any time and receive alerts for suspicious activities or attempts of theft or sabotage. 3. Remote Control: Some advanced systems allow remote control of your vehicle, providing additional security and convenience.
4. Theft Prevention: The immediate alert feature helps prevent theft or enables swift recovery in case of theft.
5. Discreet Installation: The system can be installed discreetly, ensuring it remains undetected by potential thieves. In conclusion, investing in a reliable protection and detection system for your electric vehicle is the most effective way to ensure its safety and your peace of mind.

Why Choose Akeyless?

Akeyless provides the ultimate solution for protecting your electric vehicle. With the EZFINDER system, Akeyless offers a comprehensive range of advantages that make it the perfect choice for safeguarding your scooter or any other electric vehicle. Key Features of Akeyless EZFINDER system:
• Real-time Location Tracking throughout the day
• Emergency Cell Phone Alerts
• Vibration Warning Alerts to any attempts of sabotage or tempering with your vehicle 
• Geo-Fencing Notifications
• Remote Disconnection
• Built-in Backup Battery
• Vehicle Towing or change of location alert
• Power cut off Notification