Our detection and protection systems are designed to be versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles. Whether you have private cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, SUVs, or even electrical vehicles, our systems are tailored to fit your needs.

We’ve invested significant time and effort into ensuring that each type of vehicle is compatible with our systems, taking into account factors like size and technology requirements.

An Akeyless trained and professional technician is dispatched to handle the installation and guide you through the setup.

At Akeyless, we understand the constant challenge posed by increasingly sophisticated thieves and their evolving methods. To address this, we’ve developed an original and highly advanced vehicle security system.

Our technology surpasses existing systems on the market, providing a comprehensive defense mechanism that seamlessly integrates with and enhances existing car protection systems.

By closing all security gaps and addressing vulnerabilities precisely, Akeyless ensures that your vehicle remains safe and secure in the face of evolving threats.

Our continuous innovation, trusted reputation, and commitment to providing peace of mind make Akeyless the preferred choice for vehicle security. With cutting-edge technology, real-time monitoring, and a multi-layered approach to defense, Akeyless offers unparalleled protection for your vehicle.

Akeyless system uses a much more advanced technology than the systems currently available on the market and targets precisely the existing vulnerabilities. Our systems undergo rigorous testing and validation by experts, security personnel, and even reformed thieves, ensuring they meet the highest standards of reliability and effectiveness. Collaborations with top automotive and technology reporters further affirm our system’s superiority over others.

Our 24/7 call center and field patrol teams, operated by the G1 Group Shahar, offers nationwide support, working in tandem with the Israel Police force to provide timely assistance during theft incidents.

We’ve developed bespoke systems for two-wheel and electric vehicles, such as motorcycles (terrain and road) and scooters, offering tailored protection to meet their specific needs.

Our SUV solutions are designed for the unique requirements of vehicles like ATVs, jeeps, and trailers, ensuring your peace of mind during travels

Our protection systems allow you to disable your vehicle from anywhere and prevent its engine from being started by unauthorized persons. Our unique technology does not allow thieves to take control of the car by connecting to the vehicle’s computer.

Our wireless communication systems use military-grade encryption (256-bit) and are customized for each vehicle type, managed through a smart app with cloud back-up for comprehensive protection against theft under various, even the most advanced and sophisticated, scenarios.

Akeyless stands out with its advanced technology and user-friendly intelligent management app, allowing you full control over security systems from anywhere, 24/7, delivering instant and reliable alerts tailored to individual needs. This level of customization and accessibility ensures superior protection compared to other systems currently available in the market.


The originality of Akeyless lies in its highly advanced technology, which surpasses existing systems. By seamlessly integrating with and sometimes replacing Our traditional car protection systems, Akeyless addresses vulnerabilities effectively and provides a comprehensive security solution. This innovative approach guarantees a higher level of safety and security, making Akeyless the top choice for those seeking robust protection for their vehicles.

We offer flexible payment plans, including a one-time installation fee and a competitive monthly subscription, making our systems accessible and affordable (cheaper than our competitors!)

Our systems are designed to provide instant alerts on your mobile phone for a variety of scenarios, including unauthorized movement, perimeter breaches, driver behavior (speed, braking, sharp turns, etc.), and power disruptions, ensuring your vehicle’s safety round the clock.

Our comprehensive fleet management and surveillance system allows real-time monitoring, historical data analysis, as well as communication with the drivers, offering a seamless management experience through a mobile app, with data securely backed in the cloud.