Preventing Motorcycle Theft

Preventing Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycles theft prevention is crucial, especially when considering the startling statistic reported by Israeli police: a two-wheeled vehicle is stolen every two hours, leaving the owner in a state of frustration and helplessness. To combat this, Akeyless introduces an advanced system designed to deter thieves by increasing the complexity and time required to commit theft.

How Can We Avoid Motorcycle Theft?

The logic is simple: the more difficult and time-consuming the theft, the higher the likelihood a thief will abandon the attempt, avoiding the risk of capture. Our system’s alarms and real-time tracking significantly decrease the chance of theft, ensuring your vehicle’s longevity and reliability.

Introducing Akeyless System

Akeyless system is engineered to thwart theft attempts through a combination of alarms specifically designed for two-wheel vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters. Here’s how our system stands out
Akeyless Motorcycle Tracking System enables you to enjoy the following functions:
• Real-Time Location Updates: Receive immediate updates on your motorcycle’s location. Whether it’s securely parked or unfortunately stolen, you’ll know its exact whereabouts.
• Emergency Alerts: Directly to your mobile, alerts notify you of any changes, ensuring you’re informed even when away from your motorcycle and cannot hear the alarm.
• Vibration Alerts: A prompt notification if your motorcycle suffers an impact or tampering, providing an extra layer of security.
• Geofencing: Stay updated with your motorcycle’s movements, especially when it enters or exits predefined areas, offering you peace of mind.
• Remote Neutralization: In the unfortunate event your motorcycle is commandeered, the ability to remotely disable it can prevent theft in its tracks.
• Tow Alerts: Receive warnings if your motorcycle or scooter is being towed, allowing for immediate action. As long as your vehicle location changes, you receive an alert, also for power supply disconnect

The Revolutionary App that changes the game rules

Akeyless system features a smart, user-friendly app designed for ultimate vehicle security. Navigate and manage your vehicles effortlessly with our dedicated map. The advanced Akeyless app grants quick access to a suite of features, ensuring maximum protection for your vehicles. Experience peace of mind like never before.

Interested in safeguarding your motorcycle? Reach out to us, and we’ll provide all the information you need to get started.