Intelligent, cost-effective, vehicle fleet management system

Intelligent, cost-effective, vehicle fleet management system

For organizations with a vehicle fleet, efficient, smart and cost-effective management, is key. It helps avoid accidents and cuts costs that could otherwise be prevented. Properly managing and monitoring your fleet today means saving on future expenses. This is crucial for businesses like transportation, the military, and the food industry.

The traffic safety officer in your organization plays a vital role. They pick the best system to save the organization money. We want to help you make the right choice. That’s why we introduce you to Akeyless. Akeyless is an advanced, cost-effective system. It streamlines your operations and reduces expenses significantly.

Why should we choose Akeyless fleet management system?

Akeyless offers unparalleled insight into your entire fleet and each vehicle individually, alongside detailed date on every driver, both as collective and on a personal level. Designed to accommodate any fleet type, from bustling buses and taxis to versatile caravans and beyond, Akeyless is the versatile choice for comprehensive oversight.

With Akeyless, information isn’t just timely; it’s enduring. Enjoy three months of valid, actionable data, ensuring you’re always in command. Step into the future of fleet management with Akeyless and experience total control like never before.

This is how Akeyless system will assist you maximize efficiency and cut costs

As a fleet manager, embracing the Akeyless system – our premier, one-of-a-kind offering – unlocks a myriad of advantages designed to enhance your operations and reduce overheads. Experience round-the-clock access to your vehicles’ locations. Each vehicle will be equipped with our state-of-the-art fleet management tracker, so tracking accuracy will be unmatched. The vehicles’ transmission will be two way and broadcasted live. You will also receive emergency alerts to your mobile phone and if your vehicle is tampered with, the alert will be sent in vibration mode

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Some of the advanced features you will enjoy are: You will receive detailed reports whenever a vehicle enters or exits predefined areas, you will stay updated on driver behaviors on the road, with the added ability to communicate directly with drivers through the app for immediate feedback or instructions.  You will receive timely notifications for critical events such as vehicle towing and relocations, power cut-offs, or unauthorized access attempts. Plus, with an integrated internal backup battery system, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your fleet’s tracking capabilities remain operation, even in the absence of external power sources.

Managing a fleet is undoubtedly complex and demanding. Leveraging advanced technological solutions is not just smart, it’s essential. Our cutting edge fleet management systems places you at the forefront of technology, enabling efficient management of numerous vehicles and driver conduct. Real time tracking offers a comprehensive overview of your fleet’s status and location, facilitating decisions that can lead to significant savings for your company budget.

How much does it cost to install a fleet vehicle tracker?

The answer to the question is not unequivocal because it depends on many different criteria, but in simple cost-to-benefit calculation, you will find that saving certainly pays off and justifies the use of the system. For a quote, contact your company representative and we are happy to be at your disposal.