About Us

Akeyless Group has twenty years' experience in the automobile and security world. We provide advanced technological protection and detection solutions with a special control center for vehicle theft prevention. Akeyless provides revolutionary solutions with artificial intelligence capabilities for standard security cameras to detect real-time security events.

Meet the team

Owner And CEO

Eli Mashiach

Eli Mashiach

25 years of experience in marketing and sales of automobile solutions

Owner And COO

Ami Tuvia

Ami Tuvia

20 years of experience in automobile security solutions installation


Bentzi Sawo

Bentzi Sawo

Chairment Police officer. 38 years of Field experience in car anti theft

VP R&D and Project Manager

Ran Shahar

Ran Shahar

30 years experience in high tech companies

The Main Threat

  • >> Replacement of the vehicle computer
  • >> Key duplication
  • >> Carjacking
  • >> Towing
  • >> Stealing original keys
  • >> Data transmission

Vehicle Theft Statistics

The average number of vehicle thefts has increased, and the methods employed are becoming more sophisticated

of car
Taking control
of the OBD
Key duplicates
the driver
Stealing the vehicle
by towing
Stealing the
original keys

The Solution

Akeyless Group has developed a multi-system solution to deal with the vehicle theft threat

Akeyless offers wireless communication systems controlled by a smart mobile application. The systems provide comprehensive protection against vehicle theft

Preventing computer replacement Blocking data transmission Blocking key duplication Preventing system disabling by random installation Preventing vehicle start-up without a key Preventing vehicle start-up with an original key that is not authorized ("double break")


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256bit encryption

The systems are protected with military encryption, which is considered to be immune to hacking

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One solution for all vehicle models

The system installation is suitable for all vehicles

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Recoverable access code

The system allows for flexible permission control and quick modifications in case of hacked code

    Akeyless smart App

    Akeyless offers a smart application that allows users easy access to all components of the system while offering maximum identity protection

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    Akeyless GPS App

    User- Friendly application for managing, detecting and tracking on the map

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    Interface management

    • Secure access by user and task manager
    • User management
    • Access from anywhere
    • Software updates
    • Reports and statistics
    • Controlled access authorization
    • Installing of Akeyless systems
    • Adding data for new vehicles
    • Upgrading and maintenance of each system model
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    Modern design & multi-language

    The system is simple and quick to operate

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    Dynamic Authorization Manager

    Permission control to access the system

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    A unified application for user and installer

    The system enables a unified setup and operating system - no separate software is needed

    & SALES

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    New vehicle

    Advanced and cost-effective anti-theft solution utilizing a protected keypad code

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    Leasing and renting companies

    Achieving a significant reduction in car thefts will reduce the number of claims and operating expenses

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    Vehicle fleets

    Advanced and cost-effective anti-theft protection utilizing a protected and flexible keypad code

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    Customers of insurance companies

    Advanced prevention of vehicle theft, offered for an attractive price and with simple installation