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Our systems are for locating and protecting all kinds of vehicles — private, commercial, two-wheeled, off-road and electric. We have invested significant time and effort in providing a suitably tailored system for each kind of vehicle, in terms of both size and technology.

Some of the systems provide for simple, immediate installation that even the customer can perform (plug & play) with the help of instructions over the phone. For other systems that must be installed professionally, we send a proficient and trained technician from Akeyless who performs the installation and offers guidance.

The race between thieves who use ever more advanced technologies and the systems on the market for protecting and locating vehicles is an endless one. As they compete against the efforts of the police or the built-in protective systems of the cars, unfortunately the thieves are always one step ahead, as we see from their ability to overcome those various protective systems.
We have developed an original system with highly advanced technology (surpassing all other systems on the market today). It piggybacks on the car’s existing protection and on occasion even replaces it. We close all the gaps and sit at the exact points of existing weakness. Thus, with Akeyless you can feel far more secure and protected than with any other system.

Of course. Over and above our own quality control department, our systems have undergone examination by laboratories, by security professionals, and even by former thieves who are experts in vehicle theft! In addition, we sent our systems to be examined, tested, and compared against other systems by top technological and automotive journalists, and their opinions have been published in the media.

With such advanced vehicle tracking and protection systems, we have found that generally phone calls are unnecessary. However, following customer requests, we will very soon begin working with a call center. We will announce it to all our customers as well as via our website.

We are pleased to say we have successfully developed a dedicated system especially suited to two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles (both off-road and street types) and scooters. And with electric vehicles growing in popularity, we have developed a special system suited to their specific dimensions and requirements as well, giving them optimal protection.

Certainly! Akeyless has a special system engineered especially to protect and track off-road vehicles such as ATVs, mini-jeeps, and even caravans of various kinds. Our system enables you to take a trip with confidence, leaving behind a vehicle that is safe and protected.

Our protective systems enable you to disable your vehicle from anywhere, preventing unauthorized people from starting it. Thieves cannot bypass our unique technology the way that, for example, they bypass the built-in protective systems of cars or connect to the car’s computer.

Our wireless communication systems use military-type encryption (256 bits) and they are tailored precisely to each type of vehicle. Our systems are controlled by a smart cellphone app, backed up on the cloud, that provides comprehensive protection against theft of the various vehicles under the full range of conceivable scenarios — even the most advanced and sophisticated.

There is no point asking a parent whether their baby is beautiful (but in the case of our product, you can consult the press). What we can say is that we use the most advanced technology and we provide more comprehensive protection than anyone else today. Moreover, our smart and user-friendly management app gives you 24/7 control from anywhere and provides a variety of reliable real-time alerts according to your requirements. Our system is original, and it piggybacks the most advanced technology (surpassing all the other systems in today’s marketplace) onto the vehicle’s existing protective system and sometimes even replaces it. We close all the gaps and sit at the exact points of existing weakness. Thus with Akeyless, you’re able to feel far more secure and protected than with any other system.

It depends on the system you have selected, but generally payments include an initial sum for the system and installation, followed by a particularly affordable monthly subscription (lower than the competition!).

Most of our systems enable you to receive 24/7 direct alerts to your mobile phone at a particularly high level of reliability and in accordance with your particular vehicle, your specific requirements, and the people who use the vehicle. Triggers include vibration, dislocation or towing, entering or exiting a given geographical area, driver behavior (speed, braking, sharp turns, etc.), and electrical shutoff.

We’ve developed an administration and tracking system that constantly provides fleet owners with a finger on the pulse of every vehicle and with peace of mind, both in real time (including live transmission from inside and outside the vehicle and 24/7 GPS tracking at high precision) and by means of a travel history of each driver as far as three months back. The system makes administration easy, with an app that also runs on mobile phones, and there is cloud backup for the data.

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