A management and
tracking system
for vehicle fleets

An advanced system for managing, locating, and protecting large numbers of vehicles, providing all the appropriate information in real time for effective management of fleets such as taxis, trucks, buses, and more.

A fleet management system, developed by Akeyless, gives you control and information in real time as it covers each driver and each vehicle as well as the fleet as a whole.

Whether you are managing a fleet of buses, trucks, minibuses, taxis, shared taxis, campers, or any other vehicles in large numbers, you can keep your finger on their pulse with a comprehensive view and analyze information from as far back as three months.

Our systems


A passive system for mapping and tracking the vehicle’s location. The system is controlled through a smart app and a smart web interface for fleet management.


A complete defensive system, developed by Akeyless, that ensures a high level of protection. A smart card for managing all the alerts from the vehicle and preventing unauthorized parties from starting it, an attack detector, alerts on openings and closings of the door and on non-entry of the code. Optional panic button.


A camera-equipped tracking system for live transmission of images from inside and outside the vehicle. The system is controlled by means of an app and a smart web interface for fleet management.

The system enables you, as fleet manager, to:

See the vehicles’ location 24/7 on Google Maps

Manage the fleet, and generate reports, through a smart interface

Photos and live video from inside and outside the car (optional)​

Make voice announcements to the driver through the app (optional)

Emergency alerts to your mobile phone​​

An internal backup battery​

Alerts upon vibration or upon blows to the car​​

Alerts upon towing or displacement of the vehicle​​

Alerts upon entering and exiting given geographical areas​​

Alerts upon electrical shutoff​​

Alerts regarding the driver’s behavior (optional)​

Alerts upon failure to enter the code (optional)​

App and administrative interface

Developed by Akeyless, for locating vehicles, managing them, and tracking them 27/4 directly from a mobile phone.
A simple, user-friendly interface provides easy access to all the system’s components along with maximum protection of identity and management of authorizations.

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