Tracking and
protecting systems
for private cars

Systems with advanced multidisciplinary technology to replace the former methods of protection

The rate of auto theft has been rising in recent years, while the methods become more sophisticated. Auto thieves have a number of ways to duplicate a key and its associated code in order to steal a car easily. The key-duplication equipment that they use is easily found on the market, and it is kept up to date with the latest technical protocols, making theft a more significant and more likely threat.

In addition, the latest “generation” of auto thieves use advanced electronic instruments to hijack the data communications of the car’s computer and its OBD port.

More than 50% of auto thefts use sophisticated electronic methods!

The Akeyless vehicle locator and protection systems were developed especially as the market’s best answer to those challenges today. Watch the sophisticated methods used by auto thieves.

Check out the sophisticated car theft practices:

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Our protection systems

Provide comprehensive defense against break-ins and auto theft under the full range of possible scenarios:

A wireless card blocks direct communication with the vehicle's computer.

A smart app manages the vehicle and can unlock the protection.

The blocker is locked inside a safe, with set screws, protecting the OBD port.

The protection can be unlocked by facial recognition.

A hidden keyboard is operated by means of a smart app.

The protection can be unlocked by biometric recognition.

Unauthorized parties cannot start the vehicle and cannot duplicate the keys.

The protection can be unlocked by typing a code.


A smart card that blocks direct communications with the vehicle’s computer. It is locked inside a shielded metal safe and has a hidden keyboard. The system is controlled through an administrative interface and a smart app. Installation is easy, quick, and simple (plug & play)!


A protective system, with an access code, that detects replacement of the computer and prevents unauthorized parties from starting the vehicle.

The protective app enables the vehicle to be disabled remotely and prevents the keys from being easily duplicated. It uses biometric identification, facial identification, or a code keyed in through the app.


Our Tracking Systems

To you as the vehicle owner, our tracking systems provides the maximum amount of vital information at any given moment:

The vehicle's location on Google Maps, 24/7

Alerts upon vibration or upon blows to the car

An internal backup battery

Alerts upon towing or displacement of the vehicle

Emergency alerts to your mobile phone

Alerts upon entering and exiting given geographical areas

Alerts upon electrical shutoff

Alerts upon failure to enter the code (optional)

Alerts upon the opening and closing of doors (optional)


A passive system for mapping and tracking the vehicle location


A complete defensive system, developed by Akeyless, that ensures a high level of protection. A smart card for managing all the alerts from the vehicle and preventing unauthorized parties from starting it, an attack detector, alerts when the door opens or closes and when the code is not entered. Optional SOS button.


Write-ups of our systems:

Akeyless launches a range of advanced solutions for protecting and locating vehicles

Akeyless Systems provides advanced vehicle security and protection. We currently offer five main systems for protecting and locating vehicles. The components of the system are controlled through special keyboards, apps, and proximity sensors. The administrative interface is smart, secured, and uniform for all types of vehicles, thus providing the best protection against threats.

The Akeyless Hunter is the ideal solution for the vehicle of the concerned parent

Despite an app in desperate need of improvement, the Akeyless Hunter from Israel will help you understand when your car has been started, where it has been, and whether your children have taken it somewhere you would rather they did not.

Report: The Akeyless vehicle security and monitoring system – less is more

The Akeyless security system is smaller, less expensive, and less widely known • Does it give protection against theft, and peace of mind when the children take the family car out for a spin with the gang? • We set out to investigate.

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