Tracking and protecting
system for off-road vehicles ​

A special-purpose system tailored especially to the requirements of locating and protecting off-road and recreational vehicles.

In Israel, although they make up less than 10% of all vehicles, as of 2019 off-road vehicles such as ATVs and mini-jeeps accounted for more than 35% of thefts.

That’s why Akeyless has developed a sophisticated special-purpose system tailored both to the specific dimensions of off-road vehicles and to their unique requirements, also bearing in mind that they travel not only on conventional streets and roads and that they sometimes are left in the open while travel continues on foot.

Watch the system in operation:

How does it work?​

As owner of the vehicle, you can:

The vehicle's location on Google Maps, 24/7​​

Disable the vehicle remotely​

Emergency alerts to your mobile phone​

An internal backup battery​

Alerts upon vibration or upon blows to the car​​

Alerts upon towing or displacement of the vehicle​​

Alerts upon entering and exiting given geographical areas​​

Alerts upon electrical shutoff​​

A smart , user-friendly app

Developed by Akeyless for locating, managing, and tracking 24/7 on maps, with direct control from the mobile phone.

A simple, convenient user interface provides easy access to all the system’s components along with maximum protection of identity and with management of authorizations.

In addition, Akeyless has developed a range of sophisticated solutions appropriate for larger recreational vehicles such as caravans of various kinds.

Among the abilities that the system offers is management of a fleet of caravans as suited to companies that offer rental of campers or trailers. For managing a fleet of mobile homes, additional benefits include:

A smart administrative interface for the fleet, and generation of reports that include the travel history of each vehicle

Vehicle locations reported 24/7 on Google Maps

Alerts to electric shutoff

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