Tracking systems for
the concerned parents
of new drivers

A special-purpose locator and protection system intended by us, the original developers, to track and monitor young drivers, new drivers, and even elderly drivers

In Israel alone more than 4,000 young drivers a year are involved in accidents, and the main contributor to fatal accidents is the human factor, including speeding, tailgating, crossing the solid white line, failing to yield the right of way, and dangerous overtaking under poor visibility or across the solid white line.

In addition, we feel concern for elderly drivers as well. Their slow reaction time, hesitancy, and uncertainty at the wheel can sometimes result in a risk to road safety.

Road accidents have three major causes: the human factor, the infrastructure, and the mechanical element. The younger the driver is, the less experienced on the road, or the slower to react, the more significant the human factor becomes.

In order to minimize those dangers, to reduce accidents as much as possible, and especially to provide parents and families with peace of mind, we’ve developed a special sophisticated locator and tracking system controlled by a smart app.

Video: An item about the unique and exclusive Akeyless system developed especially for parents of young drivers

Our systems


A passive system for mapping and tracking the vehicle location


A camera-equipped tracking system for live transmission of images from inside and outside the vehicle. The system is controlled by means of an app.

For you, the parents, the system offers:

The vehicle's location on Google Maps, 24/7​​

Photos and live video from inside and outside the car (optional)

Emergency alerts to your mobile phone​

An internal backup battery​

Alerts upon speeding

Alerts upon entering and exiting given geographical areas​​

Alerts upon towing or displacement of the vehicle​​

Alerts upon electrical shutoff​

Alerts regarding the driver’s behavior (optional)


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