Multifaceted solutions

for locating and protecting vehicles

Private Vehicles

A system for locating and protecting private vehicles using advanced technology with a smart, user-friendly management interface app

Off-Road and Recreational Vehicles

A unique advanced system for locating and protecting off-road vehicles, ATVs, vans, and mini-jeeps, providing precise and reliable solutions for both everyday travel and excursions


An advanced management location and protection system for large numbers of vehicles, providing all the appropriate information for managing fleets of taxis, trucks, buses, or caravans.

Two-Wheeled Vehicles

A smart system for locating and protecting motorbikes and scooters developed for the specific requirements and dimensions of two-wheeled vehicles

Solution for Concerned Parents

A set of advanced technological tools combined with an intuitive and user-friendly command interface, helping parents of young drivers to keep the car and driver safe and ensure peace of mind. Also suitable for elderly drivers.

Electric Vehicles

A system developed specifically for locating and protecting electric scooters, mobility scooters and other electric vehicles, and suited to the specific needs of the electrical consumption of such vehicles.

About Us

Akeyless was founded in 2016 and is active in the vehicle and security sectors.
The company provides unique advanced solutions (including some that are exclusive) for protecting and locating all kinds of vehicles — including two-wheeled, off-road, and electric vehicles — to private customers and businesses. We have developed systems based on innovative encrypted data communication technologies and advanced hardware and software components. We also supply revolutionary solutions with artificial intelligence capabilities for standard security cameras, in order to detect and report security events in real time.

Auto theft statistics

The average number of auto thefts is rising year on year, and methods of theft have become more sophisticated.

Unauthorized parties connect to the vehicle’s diagnostics port from outside using advanced technology, in order to gain control over the vehicle’s computer.

One of the most common methods of auto theft relies on use of force. In many cases, drivers who have brought their vehicles to a stop are robbed and forced out of them.

Driving a vehicle off after the driver has left the engine running and stepped out of it momentarily.

Stealing the original keys, whether by breaking and entering or by any other method, gives a thief easy access to the vehicle.

Auto thieves use a number of methods for duplicating the keys and the codes that go with them, thus gaining easy access to the vehicle. The equipment a thief needs for duplicating keys is very easily found on the market and is constantly updated to reflect the latest technical protocols, thus increasing the danger.

The Technology

The R&D department at Akeyless has developed – and continues to develop – original and sophisticated multisystem solutions to handle the threat of theft of all kinds of vehicles. The mission is to stay constantly ahead of the thieves as they attempt to raise the bar.

Among the products that Akeyless offers are encrypted wireless communications systems with military-level encryption (256 bits) accompanied by an advanced technological tool set precisely tailored to the specific type of vehicle. The systems are controlled by a smartphone app and provide the vehicle with comprehensive defense against break-ins and theft under the full range of possible scenarios, including the most highly sophisticated.

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Tracking Systems

Our tracking systems provide constant and reliable information about a vehicle’s location 24/7 at maximum precision. They are controlled by a smart and user-friendly smartphone app.

Protection Systems

Our protective systems include a set of advanced technological tools for optimal response to all types of auto theft scenarios

Akeyless in the Media

The recognition we have gained for the reliability, safety, and technological excellence of Akeyless Systems is our main source of pride – especially because it means our customers are satisfied but also because we receive positive coverage from experts in the media. Read what automotive and technology columnists have written about us.

Video: The unique and exclusive Akeyless system developed especially for parents of young drivers

Akeyless launches a range of advanced solutions for protecting and locating vehicles

Akeyless Systems provides advanced vehicle security and protection. We currently offer five main systems for protecting and locating vehicles. The components of the system are controlled through special keyboards, apps, and proximity sensors. The administrative interface is smart, secured, and uniform for all types of vehicles, thus providing the best protection against threats.

The Akeyless Hunter is the ideal solution for the vehicle of the concerned parent

The Akeyless Hunter from Israel will help you understand when your car has been started, where it has been, and whether your children have taken it somewhere you would rather they did not.

Report: The Akeyless vehicle security and monitoring system – less is more

The Akeyless security system is smaller, less expensive, and less widely known • Does it give protection against theft, and peace of mind when the children take the family car out for a spin with the gang? • We set out to investigate.

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